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2017: Year of Developing Youth

in the New Era of World-wide Kosen-rufu


Gosho: ‘On Repaying Debts of Gratitude’

WND Vol 1, p. 736

“A hundred years of practice in the Land of Perfect Bliss cannot compare to the benefit gained from one day’s practice in the impure world. Two thousand years of propagating Buddhism during the Former and Middle Days of the Law are inferior to an hour of propagation in the Latter Day of the Law. This is in no way because on Nichiren’s wisdom, but simply because the time makes it so. In spring the blossoms open, in autumn the fruit appears. Summer is hot, winter is cold. The season makes it so, does it not?.”

Seasonal Thought

“October is nearly at an end and the clocks have changed, so it may be getting dark outside, but our meetings still glow with beautiful sunshine from our hearts.” – Karen, South Downs