Studying the dharma

NichirenStatueThis page contains a fairly random list of study resources. Many of them are old discussion papers which may conceivably be viewed as sources for ideas and discussion but which are certainly not authoritative. Caveat emptor. Other resources are links to sites which are unofficial or from other sanghas or traditions. The intention is to provide different and interesting approaches to a wide range of study topics.

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Study Topics
SGI USA Online Library including searchable Gosho
Lotus Sutra translation by H. Kern (1884) from the Huntington Archive. This is more academic than the Burton Watson translation but not restricted by copyright. [PDF]
Grade 1 Study Exam Material from 2010/11 (superceded)
Study Basics Programme from 2003/4 (superceded)
Gosho Lectures
SG President Josei Toda: Lectures on the Lotus Sutra
ZIP 148KMb
First SGI-UK General Director Richard Causton: 23 Lectures on the Gosho – a YouTube Channel researched and presented by Simon Matravers. An excellent resource.
Reply to Sairenbo – Gosho Study
DOC 86Kb may01
Flowering and Bearing Grain: Master-Disciple Unity
DOC 1.2Mb 30may02
Fourteen Slanders – UKE Article by Nick Rowntree
DOC 42Kb 1991
The Kalpa of Decrease (on Good and Evil)
DOC 64Kb 15jan03
On Prolonging One’s Lifespan
DOC 110Kb nov01
Essentials for Attaining Buddhahood
PDF 110Kb apr03
On Repaying Debts of Gratitude
DOC 1240Kb May02
Hell Is the Land of Tranquil Light
PDF 45Kb aug03
The Master-Disciple Relationship: A Talk by Greg Martin
DOC 66Kb aug03
The Object of Worship for Observing One’s Mind: Kanjin no Honzon Sho
DOC 66Kb nov04
Letter from Sado: Changing Karma and True Cause
DOC 4.4Mb 14mar05
Hero of the World: Sansho Shima and Overcoming Fundamental Darkness
DOC 159KB 10oct05
Letter to the Sage Nichimyo: Gosho only
Living in a Kalpa of Decrease: 2020 Epidemic
DOC 80KB 01May20
Opening of the Eyes Part II: Bodhisattva Vow
DOC 159KB Nov03
Topics and Talks
Buddhism, Family and Relationships – Talk at Worth Abbey Interfaith Conference 24oct10
ZIP 88Kb 24oct10
All About Buddhism – Talk at Thomas Bennett Community College, Crawley, 07Feb17
PPT 30Mb 07feb17
From India to Japan – Exhibition for Crawley Mela, Crawley July, 2005
PPS 30Mb May05
The Purpose and Aims of The Elementary Study Exam 2003 (for more information see the Basics of Buddhism page)
PDF 120Kb aug03
World Gosho Dialogues 1-8
ZIP 240Kb
The Four Bodhisattvas: Textual Analysis of Ideograms – Anryugyo
DOC 240Kb
Study Lecture Guidance
Mr. Causton’s 1983 Study Guidance
HTML 10KB 09nov02
Daisaku Ikeda, New Human Revolution, Youth Division and Study
HTML 09nov02
Non-SGI Resource Material
Review of Principal Buddhist Texts and their Provenance
HTML 17mar05
Rissho Ankoku Ron, A commentary by Ryuei Michael McCormick. Ryuei discusses Nichiren Daishonin’s critique of Honen’s Pure Land school. Ryuei was ordained as a Nichiren Shu priest but writes on a variety of topics.
HTML 2004
Buddhist Blogs webring. For personal views the webring system offers quite a varied collection. A more Lotus Sutra oriented hubpage also exists.
HTML 2004