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Study Topics
July - Nam Myoho Renge Kyo   ZIP   Original Series
August - History of Buddhism   ZIP   Original Series
September - The Ten Worlds   ZIP   Original Series
October - Cause and Effect   ZIP   Original Series
November - Life and Its Environment   ZIP   Original Series
December - The Gohonzon   DOC   Original Series
March - Human Revolution   ZIP 24Kb 22feb04
April - Itai Doshin - Unity   DOC 56Kb 04apr04
May - Buddha in Daily Life   DOC 52Kb 02may04
June - The Priesthood Issue   ZIP 29Kb 15jun04
2005 Elementary Study Examination
2004 Elementary Exam in full   PDF 46Kb 04oct03
2004 Elementary Exam in full   DOC 78Kb 04oct03
SGI Charter: Preamble and Aims   DOC 29KB 01feb04
Rhythm & Pronunciation of Gongyo
(Based on an old recording of Richard Causton with Caroline Fujii and others)
Sansho (Three Long Daimoku)   MP3 468Kb 10dec03
Hobenpon (The Expedient Means Chapter)   MP3 4Mb 10dec03
Jigage (Verse part of the Lifespan Chapter)   MP3 6.2Mb 10dec03
Daimoku (Dedication to the Mystic Law)   MP3 2.2Mb 10dec03


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